About Ray Werger

Ray is the oldest of six children, born in Kelowna, B.C. Ray grew up on a 400 acre farm and learned all about hard work early in life. At age 5, he was driving the tractor, tilling the fields. People often stopped along the road to watch this small boy at work. Ray also worked for his dad building and framing houses throughout his teenage years. By this time Ray had discovered the power of literacy, the written word and being well spoken. He figured out that doing well in school and getting a good overall education was his only way out of a life of manual labour and poverty.

Ray worked and paid his own way through college (Okanagan College) and university (Simon Fraser University). He gained invaluable experience in dealing with the public during his college years at Pizza Hut, The Keg & Cleaver, Crown Forest Products, Safeway and the Cariboo Hotel.

In December 1979, Ray graduated from S.F.U. with a bachelor’s degree in English & Sociology.  He took the law school entrance exams and scored more than well enough to be accepted to law school, but couldn’t figure out where he was going to get money to do this, so he entered the work force and business world. Ray had a knack for talking to people and was exceptional at selling things.

Probably the best sales training Ray ever got was during his one and a half years selling for Encyclopedia Britannica. Ray was hired by S.C. Johnson Wax in 1981 and worked for this international company for 11 years, until 1992. During that time he honed his selling, marketing and management skills. He rose from wholesale & retail salesman, to district account manager for B.C. In 1989 he was recruited by the President & Vice President of Sales, S.C. Johnson Wax (Canada) as National Accounts Manager, responsible for major head office accounts. He moved with his family to the Toronto, Ontario area for three years.

In 1992, Ray quit the company to move himself and his family back home to B.C. You can take the boy out of the west, but not the west out of the boy. Since coming home to B.C., Ray has been an entrepreneur and independent business man within the Real Estate industry.

Ray is constantly upgrading his skills because he believes learning is a life long process. If you decide to hire Ray, you’ll know you are getting a guy who knows how to work hard, is independent minded and is constantly revising, updating, fine tuning, adapting and changing the methods and tools he uses in ensuring success for his clients.

Ray devotes as much time as he can to volunteering in the community.  Because he believes in universal access to knowledge and education no matter what your socio-economic background, he served on the Parent Advisory Council at his kid’s elementary school from 1992 to 2000. During that time he was instrumental in making some dramatic changes to the role of the P.A.C. in helping to obtain necessary resources for the school. He increased the average annual revenues of the P.A.C. from $2,500 in 1992 to an average of $30,000 a year since 1994. These additional funds helped replace obsolete computers in the classroom and lab, built two new school playgrounds, enter into a joint venture with the municipality to build a new neighbourhood park, bought much needed library books and software learning programs, and up-graded the sound and lighting systems in the multi-purpose room. Ray has sought to demonstrate to his neighbours, friends and peers, the positive impact that one motivated individual can have on their community.

Over my 24 year career, I’ve Worked for Buyer and Seller Clients in all Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley Cities, Towns and Suburbs from Richmond to Chilliwack. Let me go to work for you!

– Ray Werger
Mortgage rates are down and the local real estate market takes another hit. We are passing the mid-point of the year most homeowners at this point are very aware of the down turn we are experiencing in the local real estate market. Inventory has climbed and sales have fallen. Property values are headed down and as much as some would call it a balanced market, it’s more of a buyers’ market. Of course, there are few exceptions to this. Vancouver area homes sales posted their weakest June in almost twenty years. “We’re continuing to see an expectation gap between home buyers and sellers in Metro Vancouver,” said Ashley Smith, REBGV president. “Sellers are often trying to get yesterday’s values for their homes while buyers are taking a cautious, wait-and-see approach.” To take a closer look at the stats, click here Selling property in this market is challenging and requires a skillful realtor. Hard work often pays off, but in these conditions; it’s more about price and affordability. Buyers are taking advantage of these conditions and ‘low ball offers’ are becoming the norm. Sellers should prepare themselves and understand that it will likely take additional time to sell their home. When it comes to selling successfully there are few things that can help in delivering great results. Click here to ask me. Mortgage lending conditions are not much better. The good news is that interest rates have fallen since the beginning of the year and 5 year fixed is now as low as 2.74%. Most economists think fixed rates should hold steady and that we should see the prime lending rate move lower later this year. Borrowers looking to access these cheap rates should ensure they have all income taxes up to date and if you are self-employed ensure you have updated financial statements. This will help get you the answer you need quickly. Alternatively, if you need funds quickly and cannot meet the stringent lending criteria; then there are lots options but it comes at a higher cost. Mortgage rates: (certain conditions apply): Best 5 year fixed: 2.74% - insured Best 5 year fixed: 2.79% - uninsured Best Variable: Prime – 1% Best 10 year fixed: 3.44%