A foreclosure is essentially, a bank auction. Successfully, buying a property under bank foreclosure can be a tricky, but worthwhile venture. You could potentially obtain a property for thousands of dollars below market value.However, there are many obstacles that need to be overcome before you become the new owner. It is certainly my experience, as a licensed real estate professional, that each foreclosure property has had its own unique set of circumstances surrounding it.

These opportunities are not for the feint of heart. Remember, everything has a price. Although you may save thousands of dollars on the purchase, there is often a price to be paid through extra due diligence, uncertainty up to and including possession day.

Therefore, it is very important that you have a professional realtor, experienced in foreclosure acquisitions, helping you through this process.

So far, throughout my 19 year real estate career, I remain undefeated in court, helping my clients obtain foreclosure properties, as I know the process and guide my clients through the system.